Your Water Tank

Have you ever thought about the water you are drinking? Is there any difference in quality between water produced in desalination plants and water from your tap?

Water from plants is produced according to high quality standards, but the fact is that tap water, which you sometimes use for showering, cooking, even drinking, contains a lot of pollutants due to the insufficient maintenance of water tanks and pipes. There were several cases where, even, dead bodies after several days were found in buildings’ water tanks. It’s not so unusual to find dead animals, discarded clothes or some chemical compounds in systems that transport tap water.

According to James Day, Managing Director of Smashing Services (SS), several cases of health disorders caused by contaminated water were reported. He told us that the problem is not only visible waste, but also are micro-organisms. Additionally, water tanks are not the only source of contamination. If people want to drink high-quality tap water, then professionals for system maintenance need to clean all pipes and taps, which is a process that require tame and patient care.

Although about 40 companies in Dubai have licenses to maintain water distributive systems, about 99.5 % of water doesn’t meet the drinking standards. Due to that, many people decided to drink bottled water or to install home filtration systems, although that isn’t always the best solution.

This could be your water tank

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