Wound Cord Cartridges

In my well house I have a 20″ “Big Blue” filter housing from Ametek.
It takes 4.5 inch diameter, 20 inch cartridges.
My local Culligan dealer sells the 5 micron cartridges to me for $48.00.
It looks like there would be much better prices with non-branded culligan water filters.

Can you tell me what part number I’ll need for replacements?
They have been selling me wound cord cartridges, but in reading online, it looks like the spun polypropylene might be a better way to go.

All help you can give is greatly appreciated!


Any 4.5″ x 20″ BB water filter replacement would be good for your system.
I simply have no idea which type of filter you need, and what quality water you have.
First suggestion for Sediment removal: The DGD series filters.

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