Well-Water Testing

Well water is a great option for those of us who live in areas where county water isn’t an option. It has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages? No water bills, no worries about using too much and you don’t have to remember to pay the bill.

The disadvantages? It can run up the electricity bill, sometimes the water pump will freeze up in the winter, and the pips will burst, and you may have to go without water for long periods of time.

Studies show that well water has high levels or fluoride. This can cause the enamel on the teeth to weaken and cause brittle, weak and sensitive teeth. Stanford Advocate website shows that the health department signed up 1,200 people to take part in the well water testing. Home owners seem to be okay with this new way of water because of a contamination a few years ago that got into their local water supply.

The health department also offered free water testing in order to get a perspective on the seriousness of the contamination. After testing a set amount of people’s water for the pesticides, hundreds of residents finally decided to sign up for the services and realized that the contamination was an unavoidable issue.

The most important thing about the whole situation is to make sure that people are finally agreeing and doing something about the contamination and make sure the water is safe for everyone.

Strong response for well-water testing

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