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For Watts Water Technologies, it is products like Premier Reverse-Osmosis System that gives firm confidence that its a formidable force in the industry.

The Watts Water Technologies family of companies says their products and services are developed with five focus areas in mind, known as the “Five Pillars.” These pillars are: comfort, quality, conservation, safety, and control.

Their products are used in a number of places such as offices, homes, and industrial settings. Each principle of the Five Pillars system carries an important value.

Principles Guiding Watts Water Technologies, Inc. Services and Products

The first pillar, comfort, comes from providing Watts water technologies’ customers with products that adequately heat their homes and assist in melting snow so that they don’t have to worry about these issues themselves. It is all taken care of by Watts products. This means they can stay comfortably warm and secure even through the winter months.

Quality is represented by their water delivery. The increasing need for clean water ups the demand for filters and units that can purify water. To provide for this demand and the people behind it, Watts Water Technologies makes sure to provide a range of different water filters to ensure quality water for various needs.

Since the economy is suffering these days, families are seeking ways to cut down on spending. Watts Water Technologies creates products that provide the customer a way to limit their costs. This is possible through water regulators that conserve water and in turn save customers money.

What most people do not realize is that water, even in the home or elsewhere, can be a dangerous resource. When it comes to Watts’ water pressure and temperatures gauges, they keep customer safety a top priority. Through safety valves, thermometers, and other regulating devices, Watts Water Technologies build products with the customer’s safety in mind.

The final pillar is control. Using the proper control devices, water can become a very useful tool. Watts Water Technology brings the control of water into the hands of the people. This is done through a selection of valves and flow control equipment they claim to be one of the most extensive lines in the world.

The Five Pillars are used to develop quality goods by Watts Water Technologies. Among the assortment of products Watts offers, their consumer line of equipment is wide-ranging. One product, the Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System sold under the company’s Premier brand, has been getting good reviews by customers lately.

The Public Take on Watts Water Technologies Water Filtration

The Premier 4-stage Pure Water Reverse Osmosis Filtration System is a hyper filtration device which uses four-stage filtration to target and eliminate contaminants and impurities found in home drinking water. The device uses a 5-micron filter, two carbon blocks and gpd membranes to trap sediment as small as 1/10,000 microns.

The Watts Water Technologies filter was reviewed by a number of consumers who purchased the reverse osmosis filtration system for use at home. It received mixed, but mostly positive reviews, some of which are summarized below.

Most customers enjoy the watts water technologies reverse osmosis filtration system. The average rating for the product was 4 out of 5 stars with 26 customer reviews. Overwhelmingly, customers gave the product a 4 or 5 star grade. Only one visible Watts Water Technologies customer ranked the product 1 star.

One of the most common praises for the system is the great tasting water it makes. Customers are pleased that they no longer have to purchase bottled water or risk drinking contaminated tap water. Consumers also positively commented on how easily the system can be installed. And when compared to other systems, changing filters is a breeze. A few customers even bought the system as gifts for friends and are expecting good feedback.

A few customers however commented on the noise the system makes as it runs. Nevertheless, it seems like the problem can be “fixed” by a few installation tricks. A few customers also complained about leakage. While the leakage was a minor problem for the few who complained, it was a deal-breaker for one customer who ultimately returned the product. Finally, there were comments on wasted water but this issue also seemed minor.

Overall, customers love the Watts Water Technologies RO System. This is because of its ability to easily purify tap water, save people money, and be environmentally responsible.

Units such as the Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System continue to elevate Watts’ place in the water management industry. The products offered are high quality, and frequently receive good endorsements from customers. In fact, the Watts managing board believes that with all the encouraging feedback and quality services offered, the company is presently undervalued.

Watts Water Technologies Stock Undervalued?

Watts Water Technologies recently announced its intention to buy back up to 2 million of its Class A common stock shares. According to David J. Coghlan, CEO of Watts, the company’s stock is undervalued and the move is a prudent one that will prevent the stock value from falling any further.

The buyback program was approved in order to protect current employee stock options, and Coghlan pledges to improve the company’s investment value. He believes that the purchase of stocks will have no effect on available cash in the future.

Coghlan and the board of directors also feel the current stock value is underrated and now is a good time to buy. The program will be funded using current cash on hand at Watts. The company’s current cash and available assets are estimated at $235 million dollars.

The stock will not be bought back all at once, but instead in small portions. The amount bought at one time will be determined by the current market value of the stock. This will be done either on the open market or negotiated privately. In any case, Watts Water Technologies stock purchases by the company may be postponed or stopped at any time.

The company is estimated to have about 36,718,584 common stock shares, of which 29,764,904 are Class A Common Stock. The re-acquisition of the shares will be dictated by a study of the current market environment and will be guided by the decisions of the Company’s managing board.

By doing this, Watts Water Technologies, Inc. can continue to be a leader in making resourceful products that improve the safety and quality of commercial and residential water uses. The company has much proficiency and is diverse in its water technologies. This advantage allows it to be a multifaceted, world leading supplier of water.

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