Watsonville “Flouride Free” Tap Water

For almost 10 years there was a battle between state health officials who wanted to add fluoride to the water in Watsonville. Their intention was fluoride drinking water to improve oral health, but Watsonville city leaders opposed to it. This battle ended Thursday.

The California Dental Association Foundation wanted to introduce fluoride into several California cities’ tap water. The intention of the CDAF was to greatly benefit the families with low-income for whom it is difficult to visit the dentist’s office.

This measure was cited by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, like a one of the top-10 achievements to improve dental health. Although many elementary school students already have decaying teeth, the resistance from city leaders and local groups, plus the high cost, caused the CDAF to give up the project this Thursday.

Many people suffer from dental disease. The most affected are children who live in chronic pain and are forced to miss school and have difficulty learning, said Donald Rollofson of the CDAF. The opposition argued that they did not want chemicals added to their water.

The state won one high-profile legal case, City of Watsonville v. California State Department of Health Services, which let an important legal precedence in California. 

Watsonville Tap Water Will Not Have Fluoride

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