WaterWise Distillers

In a recent article in DirectMag, titled Three Paths to Purification, Thomas L Collins discussed Marketing Issues for the WaterWise Water Distillers among other units.

Says Collins:

Such is the case with the ad for Waterwise water distillers that a reader recently sent me.
Coincidentally, there was an ad in Newsweek recently for another kind of water purifier, one by Brita.
It used a drastically different creative approach than both the Waterwise ad and my makeover.

Several sales pellets are used in the original Water wise ad, including “Guaranteed purest water!” and “Lower heart disease risk!”

“Guaranteed purest water” is a very strong claim.

The close-up photo of a mouth and a stream of crystal clear water does convey visually how appealing pure drinking water can be.

Coupled with a right-brain argument, it might work.

As it is, it fails to make the reader feel like doing anything except maybe choose a Brita over a different brand of purifier in a superstore.

But it does almost nothing to reach out to people who are not so motivated already that they will march into a store or go online to compare water purifiers.

So which of these approaches would you have chosen?

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