WaterWise 4000 Distiller Glass Bottle

We are pleased to announce that the manufacturer of WaterWise Distillers has changed from the old plastic bottle collectors due to popular demand. The Model 4000 now comes with a glass collector bottle instead of a plastic one.

As the new model is anticipated to be available soon, we all hope this upgrade will help improve customer satisfaction of the Model 4000.

You can see the new glass collector at www.waterwise.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=1

The current stock of plastic bottles (extras) is limited and available on a first come basis.

New pricing effective May 12, 2008:

Item WW-4012 Water Distiller Model 4000 w/ glass collector SRP $379
Item WW-4070 Glass Collector (extras) SRP $59

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