WaterBoss Softener

I have a 8 yr old boss water softner and the side with the salt is filling up with water. I was told that there are “O” rings which need to be replaced and that while I am there to replace the resin cartridge. How would I find out what are the part numbers?
Comments: I lost my installation instructions for my water boss water softner. Is there a place
to download them from? I found you through an online search and hope you can help.
I have some concerns about using the Water Boss softner system with my septic system.
I have heard that it is not recommended that these salt using types be drained into a septic system. Is this true?
I have what is called ‘clear water iron’, and will be using the appropriate softner medium. Is there a concern with this draining into my septic system?
Comments: My WATERBOSS conditioner has started to overflow and flood my garage when it is
supposed to be regenerating. What part would be malfunctioning?
I recently bought a house which has a Water Boss, but the previous occupant has no instructions to go with it. How can I obtain instructions?
I have been a plumbing contractor in the for 30+ years. I have installed the water boss softner in our vacation home in Door County and I am very pleased with it.
I would like to replace our failing softner in our home but I am a little hesitant because I have 30+ grains of hardness and about 7ppm of iron.
Can your product handle that amount?
Would there be any discount as I am a Plumbing contractor?
If not would you supply me with a list of retail suppliers as none of my wholsale wharehouses are currently carrying it.
Our new house has a Water Boss Water Softener installed, but the previous owners did not leave us an instruction booklet.
Could you please tell me where we might get one? We are not sure about how to program the regeneration, or even how and when to put in the salt.
Any help you give us would be greatly appreciated.
I live in Osgoode Ont, Canada and have a waterboss water softener.
I think I need to have it serviced, but I don’t know where it came from since we just moved here.
Can you tell me where I should call for service?
The nearest city is Ottawa Ontario, Canada
In 1998 I installed a Water Boss Model # 98145082 and installed same in my new home of our farm. The case cracked in the lower right front corner and you furnished me without charge, a replacement.
I’d like instructions on removing the system from the old cabinet and install same in the new cabinet. E Mail instructions would be most acceptable.
I just bought a water boss retail and I am really disappointed.
The unit has only been installed less than one week and already it gives me an error message of E2.
I have reset the unit but it still does not work. What do I have to do to get it working???????
I bought a house a couple of years ago. We have a water boss. Our water pressure has decreased markedly and I just figured out that it is because of the water softener.
I know this because when the softener is cycling the water pressure is great because the system is being bypassed.
I do not have a manual for the water boss.
Can the system be bypassed and if so, how?
What might the problem be and how do I get it fixed? Thank-you.

One reply for all the above (and more…)

Although you may find some good trouble free Water Softners online, this is not the online web address of the manufacturer.

WaterBoss is online too. It’s simply here.

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