Water Test Kit

Recently I contacted you about a water filter for our entire house as we had just had a well drilled and were ready to have the water hooked to our house.I had a serious health problem develop so we have done nothing but are now ready to pursue having the well connected to the house.I was told by the well driller that the water contained large amounts of black sulfur and salts, although he had no way of measuring the amounts.

We need to have our water analyzed by doing a water test so that we can proceed.

Where do I get to analyze water samples? Is there a kit available that would analyze what we need?

Can you recommend who I should contact for this?

I appreciate your help.

Sorry to hear about that issue. We don’t perform water testing service. However, a local water technician or county dept. of health should be able to provide you with this service.

The PUrTest Home Water Analysis Kit is an EPA based test kit that checks many contaminants.
Hope this helps.

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