Water Quality Standards

In Northern Virginia, there is a higher concentration of e. coli bacteria than there should be. E. Coli grows in the digestive tracts of mammals in the area and gets into the local watershed through their waste product.

The waste product dissolves in the watershed, contaminating the groundwater. Most of the contamination is feared to come from the local farm areas in NOVA.

There are many ways that people can also have a positive effect on reducing the amount of E.Coli that enters the water table, such as cleaning up after your pets or using waste containers to pick up after them. The main concern with the water pollution is the surface water, where up to 8 in 1000 people who potentially swim in the lake could get sick from.

Fortunately the drinking water in the area is not contaminated.

If people in the local community are interested in helping to do their part in cleaning up the local watershed, you can contact Katie Conway, who is a part of the Virginia Department of Environmental

Area creeks don’t meet water quality standards for presence of E.coli

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