Water Purification Business

Waste Water and Water Purification business opportunities.

Faced with difficulties providing public services, the state is turning to private business to pick up the slack. The company PE (Private Equity) is stepping in to meet the demand.

Investment in PE companies has increased sharply. Companies like Waterlife hope to provide safe water access for rural areas. Working with the government allows these companies to directly help the people by setting up community water treatment plants. Urban areas, villages and slums all benefit from this.

Up to 100,000 liters per day are filtered for public consumption. Contaminants and heavy minerals are treated to turn waste water and other sources into drinkable water, for a small fee. Waterlife assists over 1 million people in 1,700 villages. This number is expected to potentially rise to 30 million people. The company’s Managing Director discusses scaling up the operation and is enthusiastic about the future.

So far, investment is driving the progress, but the budget could really be expanded with the new policy push. Rising urbanization and industrialization are making clean water harder to come by, and it is expected that demand will increase sharply. India is constantly looking for new and innovative solutions to its growing water shortage.

Water purification business attracts over Rs 500 crore in PE

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