Water More Scarce Than Fuel

One of the biggest issues across the world is the price of gas. I remember right before I started driving, gas hadn’t even peaked at $1. Now, the gas is so expensive you can’t even afford to go on long trip, on a vacation, or just leisure driving.

You have to conserve your gas and the money to purchase that gas just to go to work and have the means to live life.

We often take for granted things like this. Other countries have problems, and those problems are sometimes the same and sometimes even worse. In Nigeria, the cost of water exceeds the cost of gasoline. Any normal person would automatically think, why? Why would water cost more than gas? The reasoning behind this, there isn’t much water for them to drink. The first thing that comes to mind would be why is this such a problem? Why is water so scarce for this country? One would think, why not just go to the river or stream and get water from there? That is out of the question, because almost all of the rivers and streams are polluted with chemicals, garbage and other things that shouldn’t be consumed by anyone, or anything. The people who are in charge and the environmental safety department of this country should be notified, and if they are not notified, how can this problem be fixed?

The cost of water shouldn’t cost more than gas, no matter where you go or what you do. Something should be done, children are dying, and adults are dying because they are forced to drink water that is contaminated. Something should be done, but the main question is, What?

Why Fuel Is Cheaper Than Water In Nigeria

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