Water Fluoridation Funding Withdrawn by CDA

The CDA (California Dental Association) has voted not to pay for the Watsonville area’s fluoridation system. This means there will be no fluoride in the water serving the residents of Watsonville.

Unfortunately the cost of the system was more expensive than originally estimated, and the funding which was planned and allocated towards the project will go unused.

This presents a unique problem because state law requires that population centers with more than 10,000 water hookups have fluoridation systems for their water. Evidently more efforts will be made by the city council to secure funding for the project to be in compliance with state regulations. Community leaders have expressed deep disappointment that the plans have come to a standstill.

There is another side to the debate as well. Some people feel that fluoridation is essentially poisoning the water supply, and would rather their tap water be left natural. These protesters couldn’t be happier with the outcome, which comes as an unexpected victory against what many felt was inevitable.

Proponents of fluoridation point to the need for improved dental health as a public concern. The city has a high instance of tooth decay. While the plans have been delayed, many are hopeful that there will be a positive resolution to this situation.

California Dental Association Withdraws Funding for Watsonville Water Fluoridation

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