Trojan UV Lamps

The new TrojanUVMax Pro Series introduces revolutionary product advances, all designed to provide ultra violet water confidence.

The Trojan Ultraviolet lamp is the heart of any UV Purifier system, and the TrojanUVMax Pro Series has more heart than ever.

The Ultra Violet lamp makes use of revolutionary new technology that delivers significantly greater power, stable UV output and longer life.

With the new UV lamps, the dose required is the dose delivered – all the time.

Why is that so?

Why are the UV lamps providing the dose exactly as required?

Because the lamps are completely stable and not affected by ambient conditions. Stability means peace of mind. It also means you can install UV is a greater range of applications, from ice cold water to hot water recirculation lines.

Traditional UV lamps produce an amount of Ultra Violet Rays that can vary depending on ambient water (and air) temperature, sometimes resulting in nuisance alarms and restricting their field of use.

The Trojan new UV lamps pump out twice the UV light of current high-output lamps, allowing greatly reduced footprint of the equipment. This translates to simpler installation of tighter corners. In fact, 30 gpm can be treated with a single lamp that is just over three feet long.

This is just the beginning of the revolutionary new TrojanUVMax Pro Series. For a far better view of all the new features, one may visit the Trojan UV website for an indepth look at all it has to offer.

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