TGI Great Tahoe Spring GTS-550-USA Filter Set

Looking for a replacement for GTS-550-USA.

This is the reverse osmosis filter set for the Great Tahoe Spring GTS-550-USA drinking water system. I assume it is from a company TGI or Topway Global, but am told its currently part of Watts. TGI GTS-550 USA set includes:

(1) 5 Micron Sediment Water Filters
(2) 10 Micron Carbon Block Water Filters
(1) Reverse Osmosis Membrane
(1) 10 inch Inline GAC Water Filter

On other outlets the membrane was not included, as they claim it should only be replaced once every 4 years. This may be correct, if you replace the other GTS-550-USA filters as needed.

It’s possible you have been consuming regular city water all your lifespan, and you have never experienced any kind of sicknesses. Despite the fact that this may be the matter, why jeopardize the health and safety of your spouse and children? In sufficient amounts, chlorine is lethal, and the scientific community alerts on the hazards of continuous chlorine usage. Chlorine may be easily withdrawn by way of GTS 550 reverse osmosis.

All Filters are NSF Certified for Great Tahoe Spring High Purity Reverse Osmosis Systems
Fits TGI GTS 550
Topway Global Model Great Tahoe Spring GTS-550-USA System. This is a superior five 5 stage Reverse Osmosis system, performance guaranteed up 97% of impurities, high quality. Suitable for low pressure water systems in standard households.

FMRO-MT GTS-550-MT GTS-550S-NAGF-MT shortcut page.

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