Tap water in Liuzhou, China

In Guangxi/BEIJING, the contamination source in the Liujiang River has been blocked. The Liujiang River is the potable water source for more than a million inhabitants of Liuzhou.

The contamination was due to the cadmium deposit at the bottom of the river. Right now, the river pollution task force is setting up a monitoring system to assess the environmental damage.

According to the experts the cadmium contaminated waters can damage the respiratory tract, liver and kidneys and can be fatal, however, the contaminated water will not cause immediate damage to people’s health.

The cause of the contamination it’s due to dumping of residual material in the river coming from battery manufacturing and electroplating plants. Even though the authorities have taken control of the situation many people in the neighboring areas of the rivers have decided to shut down their taps.

The above-limit cadmium content has been reduced to 25 times the limit after a busy Monday pouring tons of aluminum chloride and caustic soda. On Jan 15, according some experts estimates, 20 tons of cadmium were dumped in the Liujiang River leaving the river with the content of cadmium 80 times the safe limit. The fish market has been hit by the pollution threat.

Some suspected companies are mineral producers. In the past two of the largest zinc smelters were shut down because they were found guilty of dumping toxic waste in the rivers. 

Tap water in Liuzhou safe for drinking

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