Students Developed Water Filter

The AquaClara water purification team headed by environmental and civil engineering senior lecturer Monroe Weber-Shirk were able to attend a party during their two week stay in the Country of Honduras.

The party was for the new water purification system that these Cornell students developed that is now, after a four year campaign giving citizens of Honduras clean drinking water.

This trip to Honduras is the seventh annual trip where AquaClara water purification team members are able to interact with the people whose lives they have changed. Through the partnership between AquaClara and a Honduran not-for-profit company called ‘Agua Para el Pueblo (APP)’, knowledge of clean water has been brought to many of the surrounding people. The system of water filtration and o ring lubricant was cultivated by many of the people that have gotten to go down and see them in action.

One of the major factors that makes this system so great is the fact that it does not require pumps and in third world countries where electricity is not as easy to come by this can change an impoverished nation. The water at the newly opened Tamara plant in Honduras is now exceeding the standards set by the World Health Organization and is so clean that when the AquaClara team got to the Tamara plant, they had no problem filling their own water bottles.

SOURCE: Student-developed filter in Honduras is cause for a party

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