Sediment & Carbon Filter


I recently got a water filter system, and I need to replace the filters.

The current filter say’s a model which I don’t recognize. … [Seems discontinued]

Looking at various places, it would appear I could use a number of different filters for this system.

Which filters can be used with this system?

Please direct me to the right option, so I can compare what the benefits of each possible replacement water filter has to offer.

It appears that you’re looking for a STANDARD size water filter.

Any filter with the size of 2-1/2” (2-3/8” or 2-7/8” or 2-3/4”) width x 10” (9-3/4” or 9-7/8”) height, would fit.

The sediment filters are for larger particles.
The matrikx carbon filters are for taste/odor.

There are many other brands providing these sizes. Stick to standard size width x 10 inch height filters.

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