Replacements for John Guest Inline Filters

Many consumers find it difficult to remove the old tubing from their John Guest inline filter or connector.

Once you know how it works, it’s rather simple to replace.

Follow the instructions at the above link.

Harrsion Knows How to Treat Waste Water

In other news, the small village of Harrison, B.C., has a very unique prized possession: its wastewater treatment plant.

The plant is a standard in efficiency for the western hemisphere due to its technologically advanced, environmentally sound treatment system.

On October 24 ’12, the plant held a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating its $4 million upgrade completed in March. Politicians, locals, and engineers were all in attendance to witness the ceremony and tour the facility.

After the tour, engineers expressed their awe and fascination with the plant.

Due to its small population size, Harrison has been able to build a smaller capacity model than large municipalities could possibly afford. The plant uses a simple yet inventive process to remove contaminants from wastewater.

After removing the largest debris and particles, the water passes through 128 hollow membranes and is then subjected to UV treatment. Although standard carbon filters are sometimes used in huge plants, this one does not necessarily go with this option.

This process allows about 99% of all water flushed down toilets in Harrsion to become pristine water that is then pumped back into the Harrison River.

With such a high level of purified water being sent back into the river, this system allows the waters surrounding Harrison to remain pure.

Harrison has been receiving commendation from nationally recognized organizations for its environmentally sound treatment plant. Communities in Bloom, a national awards conference, recently presented Harrison a Sustainability Award.

The Association of Professional Engineers and Scientists also acknowledged the project’s innovation in its summer publication.

The PDF for John Guest Fittings can be downloaded here.

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