Replacement Water Filters

A study on replacement water filters was conducted through UA researchers and the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, as they teamed up in conducting this test to determine the effectiveness of different types of replacement water filters found in many housholds.

The tests are looking to see how the different models of drinking water filters handle pharmaceutical, pesticides, hygiene products and hormone contaminates that are often found in the water and for which various replacement water filters are used.

Different replacement water filters from many brands

The first tests that were performed were on the pitcher style water filters which are manufactured by Brita, Pur and Zerowater.

Then the replacement water filters tests were performed on the GE, SmartWater, Kenmore and Whirlpool brands of refrigerator water purifiers.

Part of the purpose of the study is to educate the consumer about possible contaminates that may be in the water supply. It also teaches the consumer which water filters will work best to take care of the contaminates that they find in their water supply.

Best replacement water filters

The study concluded that the pitcher style water filters did not effectively filter out all of the contaminates that were in the water but did improve the water quality some.

However, the refrigerator model water purifiers that were tested did remove the contaminates, and even passed their manufactures expected life span for the filter module.

The results of this study are to be published in the March 2012 release of Good Housekeeping.

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