Remove Sediment and Bacteria from lake water

Looking for replacement cartridges for a water filtration system. The cartridgers are 4 inches in diameter and 20 inches long with a 1 inch diameter hole in each end. Need case prices of 1 and 5 micron filters

You need a “Big Blue” 20″ cartridge.

In order to provide a suggestion, we need to know for what the filter is used:
o To remove sediment and particles (general filtration)
o Or to remove taste and odor (provide drinking water)

We’ll await your reply…

The filters are used to remove sediment and bacteria from lake water, which is used in 5 houses for general purposes, including drinking. The water has little or no objectionable taste or odor but does contain some fine particles and some algae in the summer. Both before and after filtration the water is chlorinated. The system consists of 4 Big Blue 20 x 4.5 inch filter housings in series. Experience with cartridges of 5, 1, 1, and 1 microns in order, shows that it is always the first 1 micron filter that clogs first.

The following should be a good combination.

  • S1 20BB
  • CP5 20BB
  • DGD 2501 20
  • 4-1/2” x 20” Lake Water Filters

    Since this is used for lake water, it’s highly recommended to use a 1/2 micron carbon filter last, to remove cysts and contaminates that may be there, and are not treated by chlorine.

  • CBC 20 BB
  • Just suggesting: a Ultra Violet Purification System.

    What’s on your mind