Quick Change Drinking Water Filters

Pentair Water Treatment Introduces the Pentek Brand of Quick Connect Drinking Water Filters.

Pentair Water Treatment recently announced the new Pentek Quick Change drinking water filters for under sink and refrigerator applications.

The Pentek Quick Change filters are easily installed or replaced with just a push and a twist.

In addition, they are NSF-certified and state registered, significantly reducing dealer’s cost of compliance.

According to the Director of Sales for Pentek-branded filters, the compact size of the new Quick Change filters opens up new opportunities for water treatment dealers and service personnel in commercial applications such as office coffee service and water fountains. “The Quick Change mechanism makes cartridge replacement so easy, customers can do it themselves, making auto-replenishment programs feasible,” Young said. “Not only that: the streamlined replacement process increases replacement cartridge sales, which is a plus for service business,” Young said.

two plants, one for treating water and the other for converting waste water, are located in the fast-growing provinces of Shandong and Chongoing, areas of increasing industrialization and urban development. Galaxy is projected to invest approximately six billion Japanese yen in these two assets, with an ultimate budget of 35 billion yen to cover future expansion projects in the provinces.

Drinking Water Filters

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