Protecting Rural Water Supplies

Protecting rural water supplies is a key environmental challenge for the twenty first century. Clean water is a necessity to all of us. The need to develop a source water plan is a top priority for governments on the national and local levels.

It is a great challenge to catalog the many rural watersheds. It is also an item that is moving to the top of all stake holders lists. To develop a plan, much data needs to be assembled and options need to be clearly delineated. Only then can informed decisions be made to protect the water we all find so precious.

The watersheds need to be accurately described and a full inventory of location and hydrology are required. Potential sources of decontamination and potential pollutants need to be fully investigated. Once the initial research is assembled plans for system operations can be put into place. It is reassuring that a disaster plan is ready to go with all emergency provisions and agency responsibilities clearly stated.

The hard work needed to protect our rural watersheds is time and effort well spent by our government planners.

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