American Plumber WC34 PR Filter

Headquartered in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, American Plumber (link) manufactures professional grade water filtration systems, housings, cartridges and water treatment equipment for the plumbing wholesale channel.

American Plumber parent company, Pentair, is a St. Paul-based manufacturer whose core businesses compete in the tools, water technologies, and enclosures markets.

Pentair employs thousands of people in more than 50 locations around the world.

WC34PR American Plumber Filter replacements are online.


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Great Tahoe Spring TGI-GTS

I have a Great Tahoe Spring 5- Stage low pressure RO System and I’m trying to find a place to purchase replacement filter cartridges.

The TGI GTS Great Tahoe Spring Repalcements page has them all. Details below.

Great Tahoe Spring TGI-GTS Continued »


American Plumber Whole House Automatic Filters

American Plumber announced the addition of pumps to its line of water filtration and conditioning products.

American Plumber Pumps feature a wide range of sump, sewage, and utility pumps for residential and commercial applications.

Released under the American Plumber brand name, these pumps range in horsepower from 1/6 HP to 3/4 HP with flow rates from 5 GPM to 110 GPM.

Pumps are available with either a float or vertical control switch.

The new product line also includes basin systems, a gasoline powered pump, a water level alarm, and battery powered backup pump.

Summary: American Plumber Whole House Automatic Filters Treat Problem Water

American Plumber is a division of
Plymouth Water


Recharging Storage Tank Procedure

I have recently ordered replacement filters for my Microline T.F.C. 25S RO water filter, and still am receiving a VERY small amount of water….
Can my current tank (which is what I now suspect is the problem), be recharged, and how would I do this?
Or do I need to replace the tank?
Is the RO4B tank compatible with my MicroLine RO system?
The tank and RO system are currently under my kitchen sink.
Is it better idea to get a tank (if I need to replace it) with the replaceable bladder?
Thank you for your assistance with these questions.

Here’s the information that might be helpful.



  • When you turn on the RO spigot you noticed small water pressure coming from the storage tank.
  • When you turn on the RO spigot, only a quick burst of pure water comes out of the system, and it slowly dies down to trickles.
  • When you turn on the Reverse Osmosis spigot in the morning, you only can get less than one gallon of purified water.
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    Culligan C-2 Water Filter Cartridges

    Hi: My question is…I have a filter system on our Ice Machine , this is a counter machine water and Ice…I use the Culligan C-2 Cartridge for replacement, and was looking around and found other kinds of the same size, I seen a filter #155031 R30-478, my problem with the filter i use now is
    that sometime i get this dirty sediment. Am I using the right filter replacement cartridge?
    Thank you

    The C-2 filters are for taste & odor filtration (better quality), while the R30 are for sediment removal (first stage filtration).

    If you get sediment in the water after it was filtered by the C2, this indicates filters are due for replacement.


    Question and Answers going public

    After years of submitting replies to inquires in the water treatment field, the time has come to have these announced and let the public get this Free information online. We’re updating the archives to show all postings. Any comments are welcome.



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    Ametek PS-C1 Replacement

    I have a 1996 Country Couch motor home.
    The main filter to the water system is in a bay under the coach and the only number I can find is “AMETEK PS-C1
    I haven’t had much luck finding a replacement.
    What filter do I need and how much are they?
    (I would like to order six of them for spares)

    Seems the be the C-1 filter.


    American Plumber WVC34 Filter

    Hello –

    I have an American Plumber WVC34 water filter housing and am looking for replacement cartridges.
    I saw the 155001 S-1 cartridge as a replacement, which is a pleated cellulose cartridge 20 micron “sediment” filter.

    The unit filters my incoming city water line that feeds the entire house.
    While I’m sure the listed cartridge will fit, I’m wondering whether I’d be better off with a carbon filter cartridge to reduce unwanted taste, odor, chlorine, etc.

    Two questions:
    American Plumber WVC34 Filter Continued »


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