Chlorine for Water Treatment

People might sometimes get confused on what is Total chlorine, and what is Free chlorine. Here are some details that might be of help.

The chlorine that is free and available does the vital work of killing bacteria and removing contaminants. When free chlorine comes in contact with contaminants, such as soap, ammonia, or other organic compounds that contain nitrogen, it’s called combined chlorine, or as others call it: chloramines. In water of pools and spas, this type of chlorine has very little ability to sanitize, and also has no oxidizing ability. You may think of combined chlorine as a spent bullet.

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w38-pra replacement

subject: replacement filter for w38-praComments: we could not find a replacement filter for

please reply with further details.

Any 10 inch Standard cartridge would fit.
Approximate dimension: 2-1/2” x 9-3/4”

For sediment removal the most common filter is: # 155014 P5

For Drinking Water the most common is: 155155 CC-10 or 155162 CBC-10

American Plumber is owned by the Pentair. Same ownership of Ametek (former brand), Plymouth, Culligan, USFilter amongst other brands.

Hope this helps.


Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Reverse osmosis (RO) has become a common home water treatment method for drinking water that might be contaminated.

The method of purifying water by reverse osmosis is used by many people these days, to simply purify their water and remove salts and impurities which would result in improving the taste and odor of the fluid. Reverse Osmosis rejects bacteria, proteins, sugars, particles, and dyes that have a molecular weight of more than 150 to 250 Dalton.

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Culligan AC-30

I have a Culligan AC-30 with 3/8″ and some 1/4″ Guest fittings.
Is the OmniPure K2333KK the right post carbon filter?
How does the RO membrane compare to the one they used in area, filtering ability, etc.
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Drinking Water Regulations

The OGWDW (which stands for Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water), with its many partners, ensure that americans all over the land have safe drinking water and protected ground water.

OGWDW, along with the EPA’s 10 regional drinking water programs, oversees and ensures implementation of the Safe Drinking Water Act, which is the national law safeguarding tap water in America.

These days, drinking water suppliers provide consumer confidence reports that describe where the drinking water comes from, and what contaminants may be found it the water. You can read the water quality report online, or you may contact the water supplier to get a copy.

By July First of each year, consumers should receive a consumer confidence report, or drinking water quality report from the local water supplier.

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GE Filter Replacements

I have a GE smartwater gxrv10abl01 water filtering system. I see the 155268
CBR2-10 listed as a replacment filter, but only as the POST filter, not the PRE filter. Why?

GE states that it’s filter, the fxp12 is used as BOTH the pre and post filters.
Can I use this 155268 CBR2-10 as BOTH filters??
Is there any (dis)advantages???
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Contaminated Water in NYC

U.S. Water News Online reports about the City Of New York Government seeing a Car Wash facility in Queens NY, as the possible source of contaminated water.

The city tested water drawn from a well and used by a car wash in Queens, to determine if it might have contaminated the water in many neighborhoods, with a chemical used by auto body repair shops.

The DEP of NY (That’s the Department of Environmental Protection) claims that tests have shown falling levels of tetrachloroethylene, a chemical also known as PERC.

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filters explained

If you home drinking water comes from a municipal or city water system, then the tap water you drink comes through a real maze of filtration procedures before it reaches your faucet. The water enters into the main water system without any purification at all, from where it’s passed through a filtration process of sand, synthetic floss, fine gravel, or all 3 combined.

This filtration process removes sediment particles, and some cloudiness. Further down the pipe, Granular Activated Carbon take harmful toxins out of the purified water, in a system procedure known as chemical filtration. The final filtration stage is biological water filtration. Some water treatment plants also have their purified water go through plant life, to remove (absorb) nitrates and other nitrogen from the water.

A similar filtration process may be seen in home aquariums.
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UV Water Purification

In many areas around the world, waterborne diseases such as typhoid fever, gastroenteritis, cholera, dysentery, and infectious hepatitis would kill several hundreds of children each and every hour of the day. In addition to this horror, billions of work productivity hours are lost each year.

In many developing countries, the luxury of tap water is not an option. About 2 thirds of humans on earth get drinking water from outside their dwelling.

To address this health and energy issue, an effort was set upon by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Indoor Environment Program to introduce a UV water purifier that would work in developing countries.

The device to provide a durable and inexpensive unit that can be setup locally and maintained easily. The result: UV Waterworks.

Another unit with a twist, to Ultra Violet Purification.

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Rainsoft Replacement Filters

RainSoft has had one business and one business only, Since 1953, providing one of the best possible water treatment systems for homes anywhere around the globe.

RainSoft started with one location in Bensenville, Illinois.

Today RainSoft, a division of Aquion Water Treatment Products, is an international company with about 300 dealers in the United States and 24 other countries.

If only your pipes could talk.
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