MatrikX Carbon Water Filters

KX Technologies holds many patents and trademarks in custom water filtration technologies and systems. According the Kx technologies, formerly known as Kx Industries, below are some of their innovations in the filtration technology:

First to provide extruded activated carbon block filters, First to present miniature ”critical health claim” faucet mount and refrigerator cup water filter. They were first to introduce PLEKx water filtration. Kx Technologies came up with the first refrigerator cassette water filter and first installed refrigerator air/odor filter and many more.

The company was formed in 1989 originally as a LP (Limited Partnership) between Exxon Chemical Corp. and KT Corp. Marmon Water LLC acquired the assets of KX Industries LP in ’07, with the business going forward as KX Technologies LLC.

The MATRIKX water filter Line of Carbon Water Filters are a great deal for much less than many different brands.

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When a Water Softener is used as an iron remover

A water softener is a fantastic piece of water treatment equipment. If it’s Properly applied, water softeners would remove hardness yielding brighter clothes, remarkeable soap savings, softer hair and skin, etc.

But in many applications, standard water softeners will remove small amounts of Iron. Unfortunately, certain characteristics of the treated water may allow iron to pass right through a water softener staining many fixtures in the home.
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TGI-WIN-445 Dimensions

Question: I am interested in purchasing a TGI-WIN-445 Reverse Osmsis Water Filter System.
Before I order this system, I need to know the Physical dimensional data for the filter arrangement & the 4 gallon pressure/storage tank as the space available below the kitchen sink is limited.

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WaterWise 4000 Distiller Glass Bottle

We are pleased to announce that the manufacturer of WaterWise Distillers has changed from the old plastic bottle collectors due to popular demand. The Model 4000 now comes with a glass collector bottle instead of a plastic one.
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US Filter “Big Blue” replacement cartridges

We are currently using the model CP5-BB water cartridge and find that we need to replace it every two weeks in order to maintain a minimal water pressure.
I viewed all of the filters that are available for the 4 1/2”x10” “Big Blue” and I was wondering which one might offer us a greater amount of time between changes.
FYI, in addition to the “Big Blue” we also have an ultraviolet water purification system and constantly providing excellent quality and innovation. are therefore not so much concerned about bacteria as much as the silt and sediment problem that we are experiencing. Thank you for your anticipated assistance in this matter.

CP5 series from Pentek has been modified to a newer model. It is now the ECP5-BB filter instead.
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Omnipure Filter company K Water Purfiers

The demand for omnipure K series filter in the market is because of its unique feature that it can be used as system component. This is so because the filtered can conveniently be fitted into the filter cap without any problem.

K-series filtration systems by Omnipure are well textured, with easy grip handles for easy operation. It contains dirty/clean indicator on its pressure gauge which accurately indicates when cleaning is required. Some also have the special feature that it inhibits an anti-corrosive, heavy duty tank clamp which can uphold tanks with high weights also. It has good resistance against Ultra violet rays. It cannot corrode. It also accommodated an easy grip thermoplastic tank. Because of its compact design almost no plumbing applications are needed. It can easily fit anywhere.

Inline Water Filter Taste and Odor and chlorine flter 1/4” Female NPT 5 Micron 10 inches.

Carbon Inline K2333 BB Filter MicroLine S7206C-06 and Microline S7206W omnipure CL6RO T33 NPT 1/4” thread female 6 inches.

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WaterWise Distiller Details

Waterwise 9000 is a modern, effective and advance water purification appliance that is simple to manage and operate.

It has got a modern day euro style look that adds to the looks of any kitchen or dining space. Its advanced design consists of a heating element and a fan-delayed launch for superior efficiency.

Using Waterwise 9000 Water Distiller is extremely easy. One just has to fill the boiler with tap water and then he or she needs to plug the appliance into an electrical outlet. As we press the start button, the purification process starts to take place and as the water treatment finishes, it automatically shuts down.

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Choosing the right Water Filter

Standard Carbon filters also fit into the 10 inch filters, such as the GAC-10 155109
GAC-10 155109

A more advanced carbon cartridge is the CBR2-10 155268
CBR2-10 155268

Sediment filters are such as the PD-10-934 155750
PD-10-934 155750

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Sediment Filter Micron Ratings

subject: A true 1 micron filter.

Comments: I would like to know if a pleated sediment filter is a true one micron filter and is it rated to remove cysts?
I have found that there are great differances in 1 micron filters and am looking for one to
remove sediment as small as 1 micron on initial installation.
Some are only one micron after the filter gets saturated with a given amount of sediment.

It depends what you want removed from the water.
If it’s sediment, it will do. If it’s cysts, it will not.

Pleated Cellulose-Polyester; Polypropylene; etc. are Sediment filters.
For cysts, a carbon type filter is needed.


Air Gap Faucet

Thanks for helping me with the GE smartwater gxrv10abl01 replacements.:
The faucet in that system has a long neck.
I need one and I can’t find it on the GE site, but GE sells one like that w/ the
next system up.
Can you show me with one or where to get it???
It needs to have an integral air-gap.
Again, thanks in advance

That’s known as the Air Gap Faucet


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