Whirlpool Water Filters

Whether your water comes from the city or a private well, you can rely on the Whirlpool Water Filters available at many local Lowe’s outlets.

Many consumers, who are increasingly tired of the low quality of standard municipal tap water, have been trying to find new alternative sources for good, safe, purified drinking water. Technologies in the industry such as reverse osmosis RO and membrane filtration have become more and more common, since many people are now using products such as whirlpool and related water filters to improve the quality of their drinking water. Whirlpool Water Filters Continued »


Whirlpool WHCFDUF

While visiting the Whirlpool online page, entitled “Drinking Water Filtration Comparison”, they show links to three of their Under Sink Main Faucet Filtration. One is called Whirlpool Gold Standard Capacity also know as whirlpool whcfduf, the other is called Whirlpool Gold UltraEase, and the third is called Whirlpool Gold UltraEase Plus. Nice names. But what’s the difference? clicking further takes you to their 404 not found page.

The Whirlpool WHCF-DUF can be found online, as well as the Whirlpool reverse osmosis which are Replacements for WHER PF. Whirlpool WHCFDUF Continued »


KX 10- filters discontinued, Replaced by CT filters

While consumers enjoyed the Matrikx 10-250-190-975 for a long time, these filters have been discontinued since the beginning of this year ’10. Major suppliers and distributors have gone through their inventory and it’s currently virtually almost impossible to get any more.

The +10/2 Cartridge with the 10- prefix, has been discontinued. The 32- CT cartridges are it’s Kx recommended replacement.

All MATRIKX Extruded Carbon Filters use FDA compliant materials in it’s manufacturing process. Some of the specific models are designed to meet the Standards 42 and 53 of NSF and/or ANSI . The Kx tech extruded carbon filter elements may be used in potable water applications, as well as for commercial, industrial, and food service applications.

Furthermore, KX filters prefix numbers may have been changed as follows.

  • The +CTO/2 Cartridge with the 32- prefix, has changed to CT.
    CT-250-125-975, CT-250-125-20, CT-425-125-975, CT-425-125-20
    KX 10- filters discontinued, Replaced by CT filters Continued »
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    GE FXWSC Water Filters

    How much would you charge for GE Model: FXWSC Sediment Water Filters or a replacement for that if you have that? I would like a large quantity… Case?

    GE FXWSC Water Filters Continued »


    HD-15-R50 Water Filter

    I have 2 Ametek water filter home units.

    1) a two cartridge undercounter unit, the only numbers on the housing is Model CCF- Units, Chemical Contaminent Filter

    2) Ametek HD-15-R50 Dirt Rust Filter

    Can you tell me which replacement filters will work?

    HD-15-R50 Water Filter Continued »


    Nitrates in Water

    We are looking to buy a whole house filter system.
    I have high Nitrates.
    What harm can Nitrates do?
    What kind of system do I need to filter out Nitrates?
    I am serviced by a well that produces 12 GPM at 50 PSI. My house is 2500 sq. feet.

    Initial reply: We need the water analysis before providing a suggestion.
    A local water technician might be your best choice.

    The reason I contacted you to ask what kind of filter will filter out nitrates is because you advertise the sale of water filters.
    Nitrates in Water Continued »


    Ametek PP30-BB

    Last December I ordered 3 water filters for a Big Blue filter.

    The number was 155121 PP30-BB

    The sizes are 4 1/2″ x 10″ it’s 30 micron – Pleated Polypropylene.

    This filter no longer appears on the list of options. Is there a different number that replaces this filter.

    Also, I would like to try a smaller micron filter (10 micron?) – what filter would work?

    Thank you.

    As you stated, the 30 micron PP30-BB is no longer available.

    However you may wish to consider the R30-BB which is!
    Ametek PP30-BB Continued »


    Sediment & Carbon Filter


    I recently got a water filter system, and I need to replace the filters.

    The current filter say’s a model which I don’t recognize. … [Seems discontinued]

    Looking at various places, it would appear I could use a number of different filters for this system.

    Which filters can be used with this system?
    Sediment & Carbon Filter Continued »


    Counter Top Water Filter Replacement

    We are interested in information on the countertop carbon water filter.

    Some of the parts that were sent do not seem clear where they should be attached.

    How long is the life of one of the carbon filters?

    Counter Top Water Filter Replacement Continued »


    Amtrol Reverse Osmosis System

    Recently we purchased a home that has an Amtrol Reverse Osmosis system installed under the kitchen sink.

    I would like to know how/where to buy replacement filters.

    The model on the large canister is 11226097.

    Other numbers are RO 4, CLI ORO TI 33.

    First, you don’t have an Amtrol Reverse Osmosis system.

    Amtrol Reverse Osmosis System Continued »


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