Well-Water Testing

Well water is a great option for those of us who live in areas where county water isn’t an option. It has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages? No water bills, no worries about using too much and you don’t have to remember to pay the bill.
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Coffee Grounds Remove Bad Odors

Everyone loves coffee, but coffee can do more than provide an early morning kick or an after-dinner drink. In fact, scientists and researchers at the City College of New York, located in New York City, found a way to use old coffee grounds to get rid of the rancid smell associated with sewer gas.
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Fighting Dirty Water

The article addresses the events surrounding World Water Week, which occurred on September 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden. The theme of the World Water Week was “dirty water,” which proved ironic given Stockholm’s internationally recognized water quality.
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Water Treatment Funding in Kentucky

A water treatment enhancement partnership between the Division of Water in Kentucky and the Community Action of Kentucky will award economic assistance to advance water treatment systems in seven Kentucky small communities who serve less than 10,000 customers.

The Capacity Development Assistance Program for Small Water Treatment Systems will prove to be more cost-effective through technical, managerial and financial improvements.
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Students Developed Water Filter

The AquaClara water purification team headed by environmental and civil engineering senior lecturer Monroe Weber-Shirk were able to attend a party during their two week stay in the Country of Honduras.
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Finding The Best Drinking Water

In the early 1990’s Naveen Luthra and a friend named Deepak Mohan made a trip to India. After meeting some landowners Luthra decided he liked the place and bought 100 acres. With the idea of “doing something when he would retire” Luthra said.
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E. Coli In Towns’ Water Supply

The water district in the town of Warra recently discovered E. coli in their water supply. Risks associated with E. coli can typically be mitigated by boiling the drinking water, however, residents are fuming because they were not notified of a potential contamination until nearly four hours after the discovery.
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Replacement Water Filters

A study on replacement water filters was conducted through UA researchers and the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, as they teamed up in conducting this test to determine the effectiveness of different types of replacement water filters found in many housholds.

The tests are looking to see how the different models of drinking water filters handle pharmaceutical, pesticides, hygiene products and hormone contaminates that are often found in the water and for which various replacement water filters are used.

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‘Boil water’ notices To Be Gone Soon

The town of Roxburgh should soon be able to stop boiling its drinking water. Work has begun on two projects that should take about six months to finish. A new pipeline will pump treated water from the lake to the new plant and this should ensure that residents no longer have to boil their water.
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Tap water in Liuzhou, China

In Guangxi/BEIJING, the contamination source in the Liujiang River has been blocked. The Liujiang River is the potable water source for more than a million inhabitants of Liuzhou.
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