Water Treatment Systems For Home

The water that we drink – is it fit for consumption? Most ailments are transmitted through water – that underscores the importance of water treatment systems; especially for homes. These water treatment devices can improve the quality of water by reducing health hazards such as bacteria, chemical pollutants and other toxic substances. In addition, they also help remove nuisance problems, such as odors or hardness.

The first step towards deciding on the water treatment device to be procured is to know the quality of your water supply. This can be established by testing your water supply. While these are aspects that are to be addressed by scientific means, issues such as odor and hardness can be assessed just be observation.

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How water softeners work

Water Softeners

Water hardness is a common problem of water supplies. Hardness of water is mainly caused by excess calcium and magnesium. Hard water is softened by Ion exchange systems by removing the minerals causing hardness. The system also effectively removes some iron, manganese and many heavy metals. These minerals causing hardness interfere with the cleaning action of soaps and detergents and cause scale buildup in hot water pipes, water heaters and fixtures, there by requiring higher maintenance of these fixtures.

How the water is softened ?

The hard water is pumped through a tank containing an exchange resin. The sodium present on the exchange resin replaces the hardness minerals, but the sodium remains in soluble form in the softened water.
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Water Treatment System

As already brought out – the first step to buying a water treatment system is to establish the quality of your water supply – on this fact rests two decisions firstly, if water treatment is needed and secondly, if treatment is needed, what kind of treatment would be most appropriate. To know the different types of treatments such as water softening and reverse osmosis and the options available – read on. The best option would be to remove the root cause itself – this is the simplest and the most economical solution to the problem – remove the source of contamination or obtain a new source of drinking water. This however, may not be possible and thus the appropriate solution would be to treat the water with a water treatment system.

Tips: When buying a Water Treatment System : ask the following questions:-

• What type/sort of testing is needed to evaluate the water supply to my home?

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When seeking a simple yet effective means to control contamination of water – the answer lies in a filtration system. These are a relatively simple and effective way to control a variety of contaminants. Filter systems are of various types. Some of these are mechanical filters, activated carbon filters, oxidizing filters and neutralizing filters. The moot point to be borne in mind with respect to filtration systems is that they are designed for use only on potable water. This means is that the water supply where they are used should be clean, uncontaminated and suitable for drinking.


GAC-BBS for Well

I have a well and need to get a replacement cartridge?

The identification number is GAC-BBS.

I there a place in Houston, TX i can get this and if not exactly which one is the correct one on your site. Thanks

    • Ok, here we go… This is a Pentek (or Culligan) Carbon Filter.
    • GAC Series cartridges effectively reduce unwanted tastes, odors and chlorine from your drinking water. They are designed to allow maximum contact between the water and carbon, ensuring maximum adsorption.
    • You might get it in your city but I don’t know exactly where. Anyway, it’s online and ready to ship once via UPS or FedEx who do deliver to Houston TX.


      Purpose of water softeners

      Water is said to be hard when it is full of dissolved minerals. Hardness in water interferes with the action of soap and detergents. Water softeners remove the hardness of water by using an expensive process called ion-exchange which replaces minerals such as calcium and magnesium with sodium or potassium.
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      Quick Change Drinking Water Filters

      Pentair Water Treatment Introduces the Pentek Brand of Quick Connect Drinking Water Filters.

      Pentair Water Treatment recently announced the new Pentek Quick Change drinking water filters for under sink and refrigerator applications.

      The Pentek Quick Change filters are easily installed or replaced with just a push and a twist.

      In addition, they are NSF-certified and state registered, significantly reducing dealer’s cost of compliance.

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