Iron Water Filters

If I buy the BBFS-222, an S1 20BB for the 1st stage, and a CP5 20 BB for the 2nd stage, what filter do you recommend for the 3rd stage to reduce iron content?

Thanks for contacting us.
First off, we don’t recommend. We only suggest.
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Remove Sediment and Bacteria from lake water

Looking for replacement cartridges for a water filtration system. The cartridgers are 4 inches in diameter and 20 inches long with a 1 inch diameter hole in each end. Need case prices of 1 and 5 micron filters

You need a “Big Blue” 20″ cartridge.

In order to provide a suggestion, we need to know for what the filter is used:
o To remove sediment and particles (general filtration)
o Or to remove taste and odor (provide drinking water)

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Ametek RO-2127 cf1812tjg

subject: ametek replacement membrane for ro-2127
Reply: with ANY kind of helpful information about this

The Membrane is online aka CTA-15.

Full water filters replacement set for the RO-2127 is online too.


Reverse Osmosis removes Fluoride?

Does a RO system remove Fluoride from city supplied water

The answer is: Yes, it will reduce, but not fully remove.
You may also see a nice piece debate on the Flouride removal issue.


Changing Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Here’s some information on how to change the Reverse Osmosis membrane for a standard RO water purification unit

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Changing Reverse Osmosis Filters and Membranes

The following is an outline on how to change the Water Filters cartridges and your membrane for a standard RO water purification unit.
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REVERSE OSMOSIS unit makes water flow slow

When I put in (replace) the 15 gallon per day Reverse Osmosis membrane, I lose water pressure to almost a drip.
Is this normal?

It’s possibly one of the following three issues:

REVERSE OSMOSIS UNIT Makes water slow.
o Normal R.O. process.
– Your 15 gpd Reverse Osmosis water purification system makes water a drop at a time. 3 gallons storage tank should be full in 6 – 10 hours.

o Low water pressure.
– Increase to 50 psi. Check for kinked tubes.

o Filters clogged.
– Replace filters.

o Membrane not installed correctly.
– Ensure installation is correct.


When to replace the Ultra Light bulb

How often should I replace my UV bulb?

That’s a good question. You see, many manufacturers recommend to replace your uv bulb once every 12 months of continuous use. However, it really depends on the condition and specific unit in question.

Although the ultra-violet bulb appears to be in working condition, that is you see it emitting visible light, it still may not be good enough to emit at the required 254nm wavelength; therefore it’s advisable not to rely on a simple visual test.

In addition to the above, you may wish to clean the glass whenever you are replacing the bulb since any blockage might impair the effectiveness of the UV light, resulting in a ultra violet malfunction.


Chloramine Filtration

Chloramine is a combination of chlorine and ammonia.

To filter and get rid of chloramine, an extensive carbon block water filter (to reduce/remove chlorine part of the chloramine molecule) followed by a RO Reverse Osmosis or cation exchange filter (to remove the ammonia) is needed.


Nitrate Water Filter

I need a water filter for nitrates. I have some questions about the CuZn Dual Housing below sink filter. Does it waste water like reverse osmosis? And, how much do the replacement filters cost? Thanks for your help.

The CuZn water filter system does not waste any water.
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