Portable Water Filter for Chlorine

Okay, my water tastes like chlorine!!! I really need a portable filter.1. How much water does a 24 oz filter actually fit in it?? It seems like the pump takes up half the bottle.

One 24 oz bottle provides 200 gallons (1066 refills) of great tasting quality drinking water. Equivalent to 757 one liter bottles. Portable Water Filter for Chlorine Continued »


10000 gallon water filter question

How long does a 10,000 gallon countertop filter last?
How does one determine this for a family of two who conserves water?

According to the EPA, A person must consume 2.5 quarts of water per day from all sources (drinking, eating) to maintain health.


Removing Salt from Water

Reverse Osmosis can treat salty water?

I would like to know if both the Reverse Osmosis and the Distilled Water Systems remove salt from the treated water. Has a test been conducted that I might see the results of water before treatment and after treatment? thanks.

The answer is Yes.

Both technologies, Reverse Osmosis and/or Water Distillation would remove the salt.
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Brown Staining Removal

search subject: Fresh water filtering system
Comments: Domestic supply to the house comes from a local spring. The water is high in Fe and Mn salts and just exceeds European Guidelines for drinking water.
Perhaps you have some suggestions.

Water Analysis would be needed in addition to the above points.
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More on TGI Reverse Osmosis Ultra Violet

Can you tell me what this system, TGI 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, filters from the water, how much and how was it tested

The answer to your question in one word: EVERYTHING. The system you inquired about got the WQA Gold Seal. More on TGI Reverse Osmosis Ultra Violet Continued »


Some Reverse Osmosis Questions

We have a new home under construction in the remote mountains of Colorado.
In our new home, our water source will be a well and our sewage will go into a septic system. Our current home has a reverse osmosis unit so we have some knowledge of those devices.

On Wednesday of this coming week the drywall contractor will start closing the walls and ceilings. We will probably want reverse osmosis drinking water to be available at the Kitchen sink and at both sinks in the Master Bath. The Kitchen is directly above the Mechanical Room. The Master Bath is above a storage room.

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Alkaline Water Filter

Subject: Low priced alkaline water filter for our mobile home.
Comments: We have high alkaline in our water.
Do you have a filter that can go under our home?
the line is 3/4 inch.
We don’t drink the water its not good.
Please let me know what you think i can do. Something not high priced like $500. ??

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CuZn Water Filters vs. Carbon Filters

subject: replacement filters for CuZn wh10 Filter
I’m looking for whole-house water filtration that removes primarily chlorine.
Interested in low running costs.
Which is better, CuZn or active carbon?
I understand that active carbon removes chlorine etc whereas CuZn water filters converts it to a different chemical compound. Has there been any scientific tests of the health aspects of these converted compounds?
Have the CuZn filters been FDA approved?

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TGI Reverse Osmosis

Please advise if the TGI-525 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Unit, or the TGI-625 6 stage RO system for the home comes included with a tank to store the purified water.
If yes, is it made of aluminum or steel?

They’re all Steel Tanks, made by the leader in this industry: Amtrol


Boss Water Softener

subject: Water boss service technicians in my area
Comments: Can you tell if their are companies certified to service Water Boss water softners in the Green Bay, WI. region?
Comments: I HAVE A WATER BOSS MODEL # 93WR/93000 S/N 99165
I have a problem with my water softener. The reading on it is.02 And it is over flowing . i have shut off the supply. Can you tell how to correct the problem
My husband and I recently purchased a home in the country, and for the first time in our lives have well water.
The home came equiped with a Water Boss Filtration Tank. The problem is, no one told us how to use it.
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