CMR-302 Under Sing Water Filter Replacements

I’m looking to replace the following items:
Part numbers for cartridges for Pentair Model CMR-302 MULTI-PUIRPOSE FILTRATION SYSTEM

These Water Filter Replacements are online.


US-560 Filter Replacement

subject: Filter Replacement

Comments: We have a Pentek Model Number US 560.

Don’t know which filter to purchase. Also, how often should the filters be replaced?

Thank you.

The Discontinued Model Ametek US-560 would use the CULLIGAN D-30 filters


Wound Cord Cartridges

In my well house I have a 20″ “Big Blue” filter housing from Ametek.
It takes 4.5 inch diameter, 20 inch cartridges.
My local Culligan dealer sells the 5 micron cartridges to me for $48.00.
It looks like there would be much better prices with non-branded culligan water filters.
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FASTEK Osmonics Membrane

I’m trying to replace a filter with the following printed on the outside:
S/N 8436 – 8905

The Osmonics TFM-18 (TLC-15) is same as TLC-18.
Just a different label.

It’s a standard size RO Membrane
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UPS Ground to Alaska

Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii can now be shipped via UPS ground.

UPS ground to Alaska or Hawaii would normally be cheaper than USPS unless the item is very light.

For APO and FPO addresses one would need to select the US Mail shipping option, as this is the only normal ground option available.

In some cases a shipping calculator system may underestimate the actual shipping costs if the package is not regular due to oversize.

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Home Water Test

Please explain to me the amounts that Purtest Home Water Analysis kit test for.Meaning what parts per million of hydrogen sulfide and iron.

What tests does it have for salts in the water?

Could you provide an explanation of what the tests do so I know if they will give me the answers I need.

Also, once we know this, can you provide me with a water purification system that would eliminate the bad things in my water?


The PurTest Home Water Test Analysis Kit is accurate, reliable, and convenient.

It’s used and tested by health departments, utilities and inspectors.
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Copper Pipes for Reverse Osmosis

I have one up question.Why does the RO water “dissolve” the copper piping?I thought that RO water was really “only” ultra filtered water (i.e. water that has passed through a permeable film leaving behind undesirables) and as such the chemical composition should not have changed.

I can only wonder what it would do to your stomach if it “dissolves” copper!

Thanks for your comprehensive reply.

From Cornell University site (PDF file is here):
The storage tank, tubing, and dispensing faucet should be made of plastic, stainless steel, or other nontoxic materials. The low pH and mineral content of RO-treated water may corrode copper pipes and allow lead to leach into the drinking water from brass components.
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RO Wastes Water

I want to install an under counter type filter in my basement and pipe the purified water to a sink mounted spigot and my ice maker.

I understand that the RO unit produces waste water.

Do I have to have access to a drain to dispose of this water?

As you’ve indicated, there needs to be access to a drain for the rejected water. Also keep in mind, that the water pressure needs to be high enough, to provide purified water at a satisfactory rate. If it’s low, a booster pump might help.

Hope you succeed.


Water Test Kit

Recently I contacted you about a water filter for our entire house as we had just had a well drilled and were ready to have the water hooked to our house.I had a serious health problem develop so we have done nothing but are now ready to pursue having the well connected to the house.I was told by the well driller that the water contained large amounts of black sulfur and salts, although he had no way of measuring the amounts.

We need to have our water analyzed by doing a water test so that we can proceed.
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Radon Gas Water Purifier

Search Subject: Radon Gas in Well Water
Comments: Looking for a Device that would remove radon gas from water
Reply: with ANY kind of helpful information about this

Activated carbon (AC) filtration or Granular Activate Carbon (GAC) is most effective in reducing and removing organic contaminants from water.

Organic substances are composed of two basic elements, carbon and hydrogen.

Since organic chemicals are often responsible for bad taste, color and odor problems, Activated Carbon filtration can generally be used to improve aesthetically objectional water.
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