3 stage reverse osmosis

Will you please explain the difference between a counter top reverse osmosis 4 stage and 3 stage filter systems

The four stage unit contains one more carbon filter to provide better purified water then the 3 stage Reverse Osmosis System.


John Guest Connector

subject: the Plactic Connector for CL1030T33B, the small one with the hexagon shaped end.
Comments: This connects to the water.

The Connector you described are known in the RO and/or water filters industry as John Guest.

Here’s a link to one of the online stores that carry these.


Penair RFC Filter

I am interested in buying an Ametek Big Blue RFC cartridge.
If I buy 3, how long can I keep the 2 extra cartridges before I use them?
Is there an expiration date on these cartridges?
Penair RFC Filter Continued »


Kenmore Distiller 625.34440 Replacement

I have a Kenmore Distiller Model# 625.34440.
I am looking for the post carbon filters that go with the distiller.
Sears used to sell them but no longer carry them.
I see a similar water distiller online and would like to know if there’s available post carbon filters for the Waterwise distiller.
If the answer is yes, would they fit the Kenmore Water Distiller ? (the distillers look the same)?

WaterWise Carbon Filters for the Water Wise Distillers are available.
However, not sure it will fit your Kenmore Distiller.


SY-5197 Filter

subject: replacement filter for model # sy5197

This is a Dual Cartridge SY-5197 Water Filter System.


Ametek CCF-201

I have just moved into an apartment and the unit has a water filter system mounted beneath the kitchen sink with a faucet on top.
The brand is Ametek and the mounting bracket has a logo which reads “Water-Safe” in blue script. I don’t know how long the filters have been in use, but I would like to change them.
There is no model number. Ametek CCF-201 Continued »


Clayish Silt and Iron Filtration

I am on a well that supplies water along with an amount of clayish silt and iron.
I bought a Big Blue 20″ dual filter system some time ago and have been using a S1-20BB 20 micron pleated cellulose in the first position and a CP5-20BB 5 micron pleated cellulose-polyester in the second position.
This does a pretty good job on filtering the silt but after about 4 weeks of use I start getting a rotten egg smell from the faucets and I have to drop the filters and add bleach to the system.
This goes on every 3 to 4 weeks.
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Ametek PVH S1 cold water filter

subject: replacement filter for Ametek model PVH S1 cold water filter for Dirt & Rust

Comments: the housing is 20″ long and 4″ wide at

I’m not sure, but assume the S1-20 is what you’re looking for.


CBC-20 vs. GAC-20

What are the quality differences between #155312 (CBC20-BB) and #155249 (GAC20-BB)?

The CBC filters come with smaller micron ratings.
Result: better quality filtration.
Downside: faster clogging and frequent need to replace cartridge.


CCF Replacements

I just moved into a house this past Winter that has an under the counter filtration system Model CCF -UNITS, Chemical contaminate filter.
I’m looking for the filter for the first time and I’m not even sure where to start to match the filter.
Thanks for all the help you can send my way!
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