Organisms Not Visible To Humans

Things are big, small, thin, round, and tall. Such as, people, objects, animals, and even things that a human can’t see (or touch) with the bare eye. What people don’t understand or realize is, what lies beneath the physical surface or structure and what is deep within.

What lies beneath that surface is actually what makes up our being, and not just our being, but every single living thing’s being. The biggest person in the world, or even the biggest tree is made up of things that are so small; you have to use some kind of aide to help visualize its true being. Research shows that the human eye only sees things on a certain level of size, which is about “one tenth of a millimeter or four thousandths of an inch”—without any kind of aid, such as a microscope.

When it comes to scientific organisms, things are measured differently than if we just needed something measured for basic necessity. Scientific measurements are done by using a “metric” system. The most common method is called Scientific Notation. For example, imagine you could shrink yourself to the size of other small creatures, you could then get an idea of what it’s like to see things in the size it really is. It is truly amazing just how much smaller everything else actually is compared to what we think it is. This article takes you on a tour. It lets you put yourself in the situation and explains how you can mathematically put yourself into the equation and imagine you were just as small as that little animal, insect, cell or small molecule. It makes it fun and it puts things into perspective, in a very fun and educational way.

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