Omnipure Filter company K Water Purfiers

The demand for omnipure K series filter in the market is because of its unique feature that it can be used as system component. This is so because the filtered can conveniently be fitted into the filter cap without any problem.

K-series filtration systems by Omnipure are well textured, with easy grip handles for easy operation. It contains dirty/clean indicator on its pressure gauge which accurately indicates when cleaning is required. Some also have the special feature that it inhibits an anti-corrosive, heavy duty tank clamp which can uphold tanks with high weights also. It has good resistance against Ultra violet rays. It cannot corrode. It also accommodated an easy grip thermoplastic tank. Because of its compact design almost no plumbing applications are needed. It can easily fit anywhere.

Inline Water Filter Taste and Odor and chlorine flter 1/4” Female NPT 5 Micron 10 inches.

Carbon Inline K2333 BB Filter MicroLine S7206C-06 and Microline S7206W omnipure CL6RO T33 NPT 1/4” thread female 6 inches.

The base area diameter is 25”. It also contains a corrosion resistant, high impact tank. The body size is around 2.5” D X 6”L. Low rate is estimated to be .50gpm, the maximum pressure that it can handle is 125psi. The minimum and maximum temperature range is between 35 degrees F – 100 degrees F. It has got a whole service life of hundreds of gallons depending on size and usage, and has many different types of inlet and outlet options.

OmniPure GAC K2333JJ Water Filter 2 x 6 inch K2333 JJ John Guest Quick Connect 1/4 inch connection tube

OmniPure Inline K2333KK Carbon Water Filter 2 x 6 inch Quick Connect with 3/8 connection tubing Culligan compatiable

OmniPure K2533JJ
1/4” John Guest Quick Connect Carbon Inline Filter 2 x 10 K2533 JJ

K2533KK Taste and Odor and Reverse Osmosis Post Filter 2”x10”x3/8” John Guest Quick Connect tube K2533 KK

Major applications of K-series inline filters are chlorine reduction, and production of odor less and tastier drinking water. K- Series filter greatly helps in cyst reduction, treatment of scaled water. It also reduces presence of lead from the water.

K-series omnipure filter are available with many fittings that are able to quickly connect filter with inlet and outlet of different machinery. One of the most innovative fitting is T fitting. It is a 90 degrees twin female fitting. This type of fitting can only be attached to the inlet of other water consuming machinery. The T- fitting is directly molded to the filter body inlet cap and works as a single unit.

OmniPure K2533SS Filter Inline RO Carbon 2” x 10” Tubing 1/4” Quick Connect K2533 SS JG 90°

JG Quick Connect FI-CBA010J.38 Inline Carbon Water Filter 2” x 10” x (OmniPure 3/8” connection K2533-kk)

FI-CBA010S Inline Carbon Filter, 2 x 10 with 90 Degree (OmniPure K2533SS) John Guest Quick Connect Fittings

FI-CTO010.A OMB934-10M Omnipure Carbon Water Filter 10 Micron, standard 10″ size housings

TGI FI-SED010S SEDIMENT Inline Water Filter 2×10 JG 90 Degree Quick Connect (OmniPure K2505SS 5 Micron)

By using this fitting there remains no chance of any kind of leakage. During wear and tear or replacement changing the fitting becomes an extremely easy operation. If T fitting is not being used then cap and body are spin-welded mutually producing a smooth, steady and dependable seal. Thus there is n use of any binders or glue. This eliminates any chance of contamination.

K-Series inline filter is a true bless ensuring healthy lives by providing us with safer and tastier drinking water.

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