Nitrates in Water

We are looking to buy a whole house filter system.
I have high Nitrates.
What harm can Nitrates do?
What kind of system do I need to filter out Nitrates?
I am serviced by a well that produces 12 GPM at 50 PSI. My house is 2500 sq. feet.

Initial reply: We need the water analysis before providing a suggestion.
A local water technician might be your best choice.

The reason I contacted you to ask what kind of filter will filter out nitrates is because you advertise the sale of water filters.

Are you saying that a local water technicians knows your product line better than you? I simply want to know if you sell a filter other than a reverse osmosis system that filters out Nitrates. If so, what is it?
Is there more than one that you sell?
What are the specs on what the filter(s) does?
I am solely interested in filtering out the nitrates.

The rest of the water analysis is not necessary to answer. I have 10.9MCL Nitrates and EPA says 10 MCL is okay.

Hi again,
There’s a Nitrates in Drinking Water removal filter cartridge from CuZn Water Filters that is available online.

However, without the details, we can’t be sure this is the solution for a Whole-House unit.

The complete Nitrates in Water whole house system is available too.

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