Mission Statement

We’ve all noticed patterns in life and in the world around us and tried, often without success, to communicate to others in a manner that might be helpful.

Up until recently, we realized that the main error lay in not choosing our audience carefully.

Ok, one might ask:

What is this blog for?

Working in the water treatment industry, we just realized how many people are steadfastly trundling along through the system with no clues but grim expressions on their faces.

Even people who were most aware about the issue, were often completely absorbed in handling the immediate problems in the right way.

The advent of the web-blog in its current state offers the opportunity to share observations in a way they can be retrieved by anyone at any time.

These posts represent only what we observed for ourselves and know to be a certainty. What you read is an effort to communicate these observations in a way that can be understood and be experienced easily.

Although we would try to be specific and state information that would last and be useful, note that times do change. If an error arises, please let us know and we’ll cheerfully correct whatever is incorrect.

It will be observed by some that if we say, “I assume that…” or “I think…” concerning any subject – that is not general knowledge. These are not expression of uncertainty. Please read the previous paragraph again, so you can better understand why “we think so”…

All postings are to stimulate thought and possible action, not to prescribe to others what they should believe.

We hope this web-blog is of use to you.

What’s on your mind