MatrikX Carbon Water Filters

KX Technologies holds many patents and trademarks in custom water filtration technologies and systems. According the Kx technologies, formerly known as Kx Industries, below are some of their innovations in the filtration technology:

First to provide extruded activated carbon block filters, First to present miniature ”critical health claim” faucet mount and refrigerator cup water filter. They were first to introduce PLEKx water filtration. Kx Technologies came up with the first refrigerator cassette water filter and first installed refrigerator air/odor filter and many more.

The company was formed in 1989 originally as a LP (Limited Partnership) between Exxon Chemical Corp. and KT Corp. Marmon Water LLC acquired the assets of KX Industries LP in ’07, with the business going forward as KX Technologies LLC.

The MATRIKX water filter Line of Carbon Water Filters are a great deal for much less than many different brands.

The Following is an overall description of the most popular standard 10 inch
Kx Filters. They have many filters in different sizes in most of each class of water purifiers.

PLEKx 10 composite spiral-wound carbon water filters are designed remove chlorine taste and odor. These web media filters are optimized for drinking water applications where they perform the role of a combined sediment & carbon filter, which is ideal for use in food service, residential water purification systems, pre & post RO reverse osmosis systems, and commercial water treatment setups.

The Kx Pb1 lead filter is a multifunctional filter for residential & commercial water treatment systems. It provides lead and cyst reduction, and meets the NSF/ANSI Standard 53 requirements.

The Kx CR1 is an effective water filter available for the combined control of large concentrations & volumes of chlorine bad taste and odor, and for the exceptional reduction of cysts.

Kx +1 provides great chlorine, odor and bad taste reduction, along with an high capacity of VOC/TOC removal. It is ideal for use in commercial and residential water purification systems, industrial effluent water treatment setups, industrial makeup, food service, product rinse, process water, and pre and post Reverse Osmosis Water Filter systems which need nearly absolute chlorine taste and odor reduction, along with a great Chloroform Filter.

Kx +5 water filters are produced with coconut shell carbon to provide great chemical reduction including THMs (trihalomethanes) and VOCs.

The Kx Industries CTO/2 filters were optimized for drinking water purification applications to perform the role of both a sediment removal and activated carbon water filter for chlorine taste and odor. These carbon water filters are well known in the industry for superior performance.

Kx Matrikx 10/2 carbon economical water filters provide a lower priced approach to reduce chlorine bad taste and bad odor. These are a good choice for reverse osmosis RO systems and point-of-use water filters. They’re also and ideal replacement wherever GAC (granular activated carbon) filters are to be used.

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