Magnetic Water Treatment

Magnetic water treatment, salt free water softening – how does it work

Electronic Water Conditioners (using magnetic water treatment) use very powerful low frequency signals which effectively treat many conditions of water and flow rates.

They transmit these signals asynchronously via an aerial to create a strong magnetic field, which has the effect of altering the formation of calcium carbonate crystals (lime scale), so that they remain in suspension in small particles and do not form hard crystalline deposits (hard water scale) inside pipes, boilers and domestic appliances.

This magnetic water treatment effect will gradually erode existing limescale deposits, thereby increasing the flow and efficiency of plumbing systems.

Industry research shows that this magnetic hard water treatment can reduce calcium carbonate scale formation by more then 50%. There are many manufacturers that provide devices for effective breakdown of limescale and its prevention, without the problems of plumbing, installation, high running costs and maintenance.

Moreover this units have the advantages of retaining healthy minerals in the water and eliminating the need for a separate drinking water tap.

One of the companies we’re aware of, provide Magnetic water softeners in the form of a water conditioner that uses no salt.

They claim to be the inventors of the “Super Imp” and state that the device has been tested. How? In a 30-day trial conducted by the Department of Chemical Engineering University of Bath University, their no salt water softener and other competitive hard water treatment products were on trial.

Tests were performed at RFI Laboratories, Basingstoke, when the efficiency of the unit was proven. The objective of this system trial was to evaluate whether or not a “Super Imp” water softner could reduce the level of scale formation within domestic hot water and or radiator heating system.

A section of pipe from the system that had a Super Imp No Salt Softener installed had no visible lime scale deposits in it, exactly as it did when the experiment was started.

When a section from the system without a Super Imp installed was examined, scale formation was clearly seen on the inside wall of the pipe. This trial reports showed significant results after just 30 days.

The Super Imp device has been shown to reduce the deposition of scale under the conditions tested. This has been confirmed by analysis of both total dissolved solids and conductivity in parallel trials using a simulated domestic hot water / radiator heating system.

The Super Imp has prevented the deposition of about 10 mg of scale/day for 30cm length of 1 inch pipe under the conditions tested.

The Super Imp device has been shown not to effect the pH of water passing through piping where it has been installed.

Tests were also made on competitive products which were current market leaders and it was proven that the output from the Water Imps were superior to that of the other units over the effective low frequency range. This means that the stronger signals and stronger magnetic field which the aerial produces have more efficient effect on the breakdown of the crystals than the other units tested.

Please note that we present this as information only. It’s up to the reader to decide before making a decision.

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