Little or no water from RO faucet

This is in regards to the TGI Reverse Osmosis 625UP/DX 6 stage 25 gpd 2gpm SS UV with Pump/ESO Purifier.
It was purchased back in December and and it now broken.
The pump does not stop and the water does not come out.
Please fix this ASAP. We do not have water to drink!

Your system is still under the warranty and TGI Pure is known for their prompt response to defective products.
However, although you’re eligible for the warranty we don’t know what the problem in your system is.

Please check the following or contact a local water technician to determine what’s wrong.
TGI Pure would usually replace the missing parts (if it’s defective and manufacturer’ fault), not the entire system.

Little or no water from faucet

It might be:

-Filters clogged.

  • Replace filters.

-Over pressurized tank.

  • When empty, tank pressure should be between 5 – 12 psi.

-Incoming water pressure is below 40 psi (after pump).

  • Increase pressure to 40 psi. System takes 6 to 10 hours to completely fill.

-Bad check valve.

  • Replace check valve.

-Tank valve not open.

  • Open valve.

-Bad storage tank.

  • Replace storage tank. If it’s not bad, check that tank air pressure is between 5 – 12 psi when empty.

-Kinked tube.

  • Make tube straight. If damaged, replace tube.

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