KX 10- filters discontinued, Replaced by CT filters

While consumers enjoyed the Matrikx 10-250-190-975 for a long time, these filters have been discontinued since the beginning of this year ’10. Major suppliers and distributors have gone through their inventory and it’s currently virtually almost impossible to get any more.

The +10/2 Cartridge with the 10- prefix, has been discontinued. The 32- CT cartridges are it’s Kx recommended replacement.

All MATRIKX Extruded Carbon Filters use FDA compliant materials in it’s manufacturing process. Some of the specific models are designed to meet the Standards 42 and 53 of NSF and/or ANSI . The Kx tech extruded carbon filter elements may be used in potable water applications, as well as for commercial, industrial, and food service applications.

Furthermore, KX filters prefix numbers may have been changed as follows.

  • The +CTO/2 Cartridge with the 32- prefix, has changed to CT.
    CT-250-125-975, CT-250-125-20, CT-425-125-975, CT-425-125-20

    The +Pb 1 Cartridge with the 06- prefix, has changed to PB.

    The +CR1 Cartridge with the 19- prefix, has changed to CR.

    The +1 Cartridge with the 01- prefix, has changed to CP.

    The +5 Cartridge with the 02- prefix, has changed to VC.

    The Plex Cartridge with the P10- prefix, has been discontinued.

    The KX filters are manufactured as continuous lengths of tube which use a proprietary solid extrusion process. Extremely uniform and highly porous are the resulting products, providing high performance particulate reduction and adsorption at low flow resistance. Other standard filters may be manufactured by continuous solid state extrusion cost which is approximately the same as conventional filters manufactured, using loose GAC (granular activated carbon), but they would provide an enormous spectrum advantages in regards to performance .

    KX carbon filters meet requirements for performance, and some models are registered to meet NSF/ANSI requirements for reduction of VOCs, THMs, cyst, turbidity, particulate, lead, chlorine taste and odor reduction, among others.

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