Is Tap Water Killing Garden Soil?

Lately, there has been growing concern about the damage tap water can do to crops. The idea is based on the amount of chlorine in tap water and its destruction of micro-fauna in soil needed to help the crops flourish.

Fungi and bacteria are crucial in the growth of plants. By watering the crops with tap water, you can destroy these elements along with your crops. Some growers even collect rain water in barrels of water to ensure their plants safety.

A few scientists have been asked to discuss this matter. Sietan Chieng, a scientist from the University of British Columbia said that it is impossible to tell how the chlorine in tap water affects the plant nutrients. He estimates that in the short term there shouldn’t be any affect, but in the long term use of tap water can negatively impact your soils health.

Most areas use chlorine as a water decontaminant, while others add ammonia. The added chemicals help fight bacteria growth. If the chlorine contaminated water is left out in an open container for a day or two the chlorine should be completely absent from the water. Another way to solve this problem is by creating a chlorine dissipation system. 

Is tap water killing the soil in your garden?

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