Innovation & Collaboration Brings Clean Water

A new sustainable technology for water distribution without electricity is now being tested in Honduras. The AguaClara water treatment plant is now bringing clean water to several remote village communities.

Thanks to research and hard work on the part of the stakeholders, clean, non-contaminated water is being piped to several village communities in Honduras at a lower cost and in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way.

The principle of this technology is that the water coming from sources such as mountain streams enter the plant 1.5 meters higher than it leaves, this difference brings about the power the water needs to flow through the plant. As it flows through the plant, particles are coated with a special coagulant which sticks to the water particles which then clog together and are visible to the naked eye. The water is then filtered and chlorine is added to make sure the water is really clean.

As the plant works without electricity, there is no noise or pollution and the plant gets no carbon footprint. This is also a sustainable project as people from the communities involved can be trained to work in the plant. At present these plants are just small scale but have a very proposing future ahead. 

Innovation & Collaboration Brings Clean Water to Eight Communities in Honduras

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