How can I open a stuck filter housing?

Subject: 20 inch water filter housing

How do I remove the filter? Which direction do I turn in order to be able to remove the filter housing.
How do I remove a water filter housing that appears to be stuck?

If you are referring to a filter cartridge with a spin on type housing, you first need to make sure that the pressure is relieved from the housing “completely” before you try removing the filter housing.

If there’s still some water pressure left in the system, all your efforts may be in vain.

The housing is turned on to the unit clockwise.

So obviously, the filter housing can be removed when turning it counter-clockwise.

Once the pressure is relieved, completely, and you still cannot remove the housing by hand, you may try using a filter wrench.

It works quite well, in most cases, but sometimes, the wrench which is typically made of plastic, would break.

Your other more practical option would be using an oil filter wrench.

  • Once you get the housing off and change the filter element, ensure that you lubricate the o-ring with some safe silicone to facilitate removal in the future.
  • Also, do not use any wrench to put the filter housing back. Tighten it by hand only.
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