Home Water Test

Please explain to me the amounts that Purtest Home Water Analysis kit test for.Meaning what parts per million of hydrogen sulfide and iron.

What tests does it have for salts in the water?

Could you provide an explanation of what the tests do so I know if they will give me the answers I need.

Also, once we know this, can you provide me with a water purification system that would eliminate the bad things in my water?


The PurTest Home Water Test Analysis Kit is accurate, reliable, and convenient.

It’s used and tested by health departments, utilities and inspectors.

This kit would include a 16-page basic water knowledge handbook and water test analysis sheet.

There’s also A toll free number to the manufacturer, should you have any question while testing.

It does not contain any test for salts. Though it provides tests for Total Hardness. A TDS monitor might be helpful too.

Once you have the test results, suggestions can be provided for systems that would treat your water completely.

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