Help Protect Our Water Supply

The Long Island Water Conference reminds all Long Island residents that while Long Island benefits from abundant access to clean water in the form of deep, underground aquifers, it is important to take measures to protect that resource from pollution and contamination.

There are a number of steps Long Islanders can take to help protect their water supply. Concerned residents should make sure they dispose of hazardous chemicals, and objects like batteries that contain hazardous chemicals, carefully. Even small quantities of chemicals, once in the water supply, can effectively remove large quantities of drinkable water.

Local water suppliers can provide any necessary information on disposal of hazardous chemicals. Prescription drugs should be taken to drug take-back programs rather than flushed; participation in these programs also helps to prevent drug abuse. Organic fertilizers – for example, manure – and biodegradable pesticides are ideal for their low impact on the water supply. Finally, residents are urged to report any sightings of illegal dumping or spills. By protecting Long Island’s drinking water, residents today can assure its continued availability for the residents of the future.

How Can You Help Protect Our Water Supply?

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