Great Tahoe Spring TGI-GTS

I have a Great Tahoe Spring 5- Stage low pressure RO System and I’m trying to find a place to purchase replacement filter cartridges.

The TGI GTS Great Tahoe Spring Repalcements page has them all. Details below.

As I read the manual, I need the following: Sediment, stage 1, pre carbon stage 2, carbon stage 3, membrane stage 4 and post carbon stage 5. It also calls for replacing the diaphragm every 2-3 years.
This system is only one year old and replaced the one I ordered cartridges for before.

The TGI GTS Great Tahoe Spring Repalcements uses the process of reverse osmosis in which water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane, leaving certain unwanted substances behind. Furthermore, it takes a 1 Micron Filter cartridge to remove any additional particles that might be in your RO purified water.

The TGI Reverse Osmosis water filters take the following cartridges:

IF-SP-1005 sediment,

IF-CB-010 Carbon Filter,

IF-SP-1001 One Micron,

MM-TFM035 Membrane

or MM-TFM050 Membrane,


GTS-550-PC Post Carbon Inline.

Therefore, this US Based GTS reverse osmosis unit can produce clear, fresh-tasting drinking water.

This would replace all the filters needed for your GTS-550-USA & GTS-55-P Low Pressure FMRO-MT GTS-550-MT GTS-550S-NAGF-MT

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