GE FXWSC Water Filters

How much would you charge for GE Model: FXWSC Sediment Water Filters or a replacement for that if you have that? I would like a large quantity… Case?

Thanks for contacting us.

I’m not sure, but assume that any standard sediment filter would fit as a replacement for the General Electric GE FXWSC Filter.

(approx. dimension: 2.5” [2-3/4″] x 10” [9-7/8”… 9-3/4″]).

You may try the CBC-10 or the CC-10.

Note: the GE FXWSC is continued by GE and they didn’t provide an option for replacement.
FXWSC was a string-wound water filter.

A similar sediment (not carbon) filter would be the CW-MF. Or try the P5 water filter.

Hope this helps.

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