GE Filter Replacements

I have a GE smartwater gxrv10abl01 water filtering system. I see the 155268
CBR2-10 listed as a replacment filter, but only as the POST filter, not the PRE filter. Why?

GE states that it’s filter, the fxp12 is used as BOTH the pre and post filters.
Can I use this 155268 CBR2-10 as BOTH filters??
Is there any (dis)advantages???

Why are these filters so much CHEAPER than the OEM filters?
Do they meet the same spec’s???
I’m willing to buy them, but such a huge diffrence is price makes me nervous.

Last, will these “bolt right in”?????
I’m a techie type and don’t want parts that I need to “adapet”.

GE FX12P replacements would be the CBR2-10 too, but although you can use the CBR2-10 as a pre-filter, it’s more expensive.

These replacement filters will fit in correctly.

Same or better technology then the OEM.

In fact GE is not the manufacturer of these units, and I’m most certain they use the same brand with a different label.

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