Fluoride In Drinking Water

This article looks at the topic of the positive and negative aspects of fluoridated water in Canada. After a recent vote at a council meeting provided just a slim victory for the case for fluoridation, the topic seems to have attracted renewed interest from a range of health professionals.

Individuals such as Health Canada’s Chief Dental Officer and various MP’s and councillors voice a range of opinions on the issue. From concerns about the removal of fluoridated water affecting the health of ‘vulnerable citizens’, to the ability of dental practices and companies to make money out of the removal of the fluoridation system, this article gives the reader an insight into considerations behind decisions made by those in authority.

The article provides the reader with scientific and medical evidence concerning the argument, and also includes results and opinions from a telephone survey of the home consumer. Monetary issues surrounding the fluoridation project and a projection of the financial and heath implications of the removal of the scheme are also discussed.

The writer, Christina Commisso provides links alongside her article which allow readers to further explore this topic.

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